Tuesday, April 7, 2015

God's Predicament

God was bored.

Omnipotence came with a price. He could create anything. Be anywhere. The universe was at his fingertips. But he was bored. He knew the outcome to everything that could happen and even the events didn’t happen.

With his infinite power he would create simulations for himself, where he would experience being beaten by a villain, and the resulting pain and torture.

Even that got old. He still called the shots. The twists, failures, and tribulations were all of his planning. If you know everything and can do anything, what’s the point?

He decided that he would put himself in a simulation where in his unrivaled power; he would strip himself of his power and knowledge. Deprived of everything that made him god, he became a normal human and was unable to become god again. God was trapped and ignorant of his divinity in a simulation.

Where is he now you ask?

He is currently sitting in your chair, reading this short story.

Who is god, now you ask?

Why, he is the villain of this simulation…and he is getting bored.